How to donate:

Use the donate button below to donate through paypal. Put the total for all packages you want in the amount section, and list them in the comment section (on the "review" screen, after you have specified a donation amount and logged in). If you accidentally forget to list what you would like for your packs, feel free to use our contact email.


Global IP

This is our basic donation tier - it gets you the VIP rank on the community and teamspeak, as well as access to the VIP sections of the forums and participation in special decisions regarding the community..


Global VIP

This gets you everything from Global IP, as well as basic perks on all of our servers and a private teamspeak channel.


Global VIP+

This gets you everything from Global VIP, as well as any 1 game donation pack (max $10).


Global VIP++

This gets you everything from Global VIP+, as well as a custom server for the community (more details in the Custom Server donation snippet).


Custom Server

Allow you to specify a server for us to add to the community of your choice. Settings can be modified within reason to your requests, but has to be reasonable. Server can be made community-trusted private, or public.


Private Server

This gives you everything from the Custom Server, but allows you to make it private for any audience you choose. Some restictions apply (it mostly boils down to: be reasonable, but feel free to use our contact email for questions).


Teamspeak Package

This gives you a custom private teamspeak channel, as well as the "Trusted" TS rank that gives gives special permissions.


Minecraft Package

This gets you a one-time kit (given again on server resets), and weekly kits, as well as moderate perks, on all minecraft servers.


Support the Community

We appreciate any support that you can give! Running servers is expensive and very time consuming, but we pour any money we get back into the community!