About Dark Deathmatchers (DDMers)

DDMers is a new gaming community, run by 2 server devs with previous experience. We've kicked off 10+ servers, and are taking recomendations every day for additions. We have been building a lot of custom services (including this website, and the setup of our powerful server box). We own a server that can handle the load of pleny more than we have, so that the community can have any game servers it needs!

Community Leaders

Stevenator1 (Steven)

Hey guys! My name is Steven. I am a 22 year old college student, with plenty of server administration experience in the past. I used to own a community for a TF2 server (Deathmatchers Anonymous) with 50-90 active users, and have been a head admin for a minecraft community (Hyperion) with 100-150 active users. I enjoy a lot of the work that keeps the server running smoothly, and enjoy working with the players to customize servers to player's needs.

plexeon (Brady)

Ayo! My name is Brady. I'm 17, and I'm the second owner of DDM. I originally ran a community called DG (DaRk Gaming) back in early 2011. DG consisted of 40-60 members, and passionate admins. I was the Owner and Leader up until mid-2012, when DG was no longer active. After DG, I was a Moderator for RB (RareBreedGaming), Moderator for OT (OsirisTech), and a Moderator for TP/TPG (ThePeopleGaming). These communities were 200+ member count and had exceptionally good activity. I deeply enjoy running a community, and the people you get to meet in the process.